In the political area, one needs to become an expert in a field in order to become an interesting person. Doctor Jérôme Cahuzac, when he was elected as a French National Assembly representative, decided to become an expert in budget issues at there was no expert representative in this field at that time, and thanks to that could become a budget minister a few years later. Minister Arnaud Montebourg could have done the same using European legal strategy.

In the European Union, countries get benchmarked one towards the other. France is compared to the other 27 countries. European funding is aimed at reducing discrepencies between member countries and the whole European strategy is a 10 year strategy. From 2000 to 2010, the European Union's aim was to make Europe the most intelligent area in the world. The 2020 strategy that was adopted 3 years ago switched to having Europe getting smart growth, sustainable growth, and inclusive growth. The European commission decided that the level of the industry in Europe should be 20%.

As Arnaud Montebourg often states, The European Union therefore developped a strong strategy towards innovation and developing the industry field. It happens that France has a 11% industry whereas Germany is up to 22% of its activity in this field. In France, very few people advocated a redevelopment of the industrial activities. A good European strategy analysis leads to consider that developing the industry is a great political point. Arnaud Montebourg not only was almost the only politician to strongly defend the industry, but could get strongly supported by everything happening in Europe, that leads to the redevelopment of industry in France.

As a consequence, Arnaud Montebourg could find the perfect political area to develop and become a minister. For sure, provided he stays a long time enough, his activity can lead to the redevelopment of industry and he will be able to politically use that success.

A good example of what can be European legal strategy in the political area !

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